Best of the Web, Contributor’s Edition, Part Six of Six

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Justin Kemp, PsuedoEvent, 2008

The Best of the Web 2008 Contributor’s Choice concludes today as we publish the remaining two segments. The series features the year’s best links as defined by some of my favorite professionals on the web.   Part One, Two Three Four, Five and Six were published Monday through Thursday of this week and features the following invitees.

Liam McEneaney comedian, citizen

Camille Paloque-Bergès, PHD candidate and Teaching Assistant in Information Science and Communication at the Laboratoire Paragraphe

Kevin Bewersdorf, artist

John Michael Boling, internet user / artist / jmb

Magda Sawon, Owner of Postmasters Gallery New York

Kari Altmann, artist

Ceci Moss, Rhizome Senior Editor and Blogger

Tom Moody, artist

Javier Morales, artist

Marcin Ramocki, Artist/filmmaker

Jon Williams, Free software developer

Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Film and Video, MoMA
Meet Marcin Ramocki, Jon Williams, and Barbara London!


Marcin Ramocki, Artist/filmmaker

Jon Williams, Free software developer

In no particular order:

  •‘s, Gilgamesh for Apes.  A translation of the Sumerian tale into a lexigraph-based language targeted at Chimps.
  • Spore Prototypes.  Spore was a huge disappointment despite all the cool stuff going on under the hood, a generative soundtrack from Brian Eno and amazing creature modeling work. I found EA’s page of Prototypes for Spore way more fun than the actual game, which seems to have lost Will Wright’s usual depth and could only appeal to children.
  • YouTube Preview Image

  • GitHub.  GitHub has exploded in 2008, becoming the de facto host for innovative software projects on the web (most famously, Ruby on Rails). The real power of the site was the integration of social features familiar to today’s users. A few cool projects to look at: Archaeopteryx, a midi DJing platform in Ruby; The Cloud Player , a web-based music playlist in Python, and YUI , Yahoo!’s Web User interface stuff. And of course, you can check out my stuff.
  • Virtually Date Ariane. This is probably NSFW but go explore a semi-pornographic animated gif Choose Your Own Adventure book starring a Second Life avatar.
  • Having to use an online DTMF generator to navigate a voicemail tree.  Holding Petra‘s Sidekick (non-Tony Hawk) up to a computer speaker brought back fond memories of attempting to use BlueBEEP in middle school. Imminent death of the telephone predicted.

Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Film and Video, MoMA

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