COMESEEART: A Student Protest Against Shuttering The Rose Art Museum

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Brandeis Students aren’t buying Jehuda Reinharz’ assertion that the University “is not lessening its commitment to the creative and visual arts.”  even if they receive a fine arts teaching center with studio space and an exhibition space out of the sale.  I can’t say I blame them.   Cheap studios will be easy to locate in this economic climate, whereas the first rate collection and exhibitions mounted at the Rose Art Museum, are far from replaceable.   I understand Reinharz’ has to find the positive in this, but frankly, I find the idea that a studio should be just as valuable to a student as some of the most important art in the country offensive.

As part of a protest against the Trustees decision to shutter the Rose Art Museum, students will stage a collection-based exhibit and conversation at the Shapiro Student Center.  I’ve posted the press release for this event after the jump, and encourage anyone who is in the area to attend.  If the school has no other choice but to close the museum there’s nothing anyone can do, but let’s not pretend this benefits the students in any way, shape or form.

Tonight, at the Shapiro Student Center a collection-based exhibit + conversation
friday, january 30 6-8pm
shapiro student center, brandeis university

The “unanimous”1 decision by the Trustees of Brandeis University to liquidate the Rose Art Museum's outstanding permanent collection and to close the facility is not only ill advised, but destructive to the entire Brandeis community. We demand a more detailed explanation as to how this decision was reached, considering the Rose is one of Brandeis' greatest cultural offerings.

This situation must be remedied in efforts to defend both the reputation of the school and its many concerned students and faculty. We must consider the impact that the Trustees' de0cision will have on our experience as students, and our future as professionals.
Using projected and reproduced images from the Rose's collection of over 6000 art objects and footage from student protests on campus, COMESEEART is the beginning of a conversation on the nature of visual imagery and authenticity, the future of art at Brandeis, and how this weak decision can strengthen us as a community.

  1. This refers to the Trustees decision, which was made without consulting the museum director, the community, or anyone else who might be effected by the closure []

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