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Heather Rasley, Art Fag City, Special Moments, If someone gave u oral sex is it cheating???
Heather Rasley, Special Moments, 2008,  Screengrab AFC

Special Moments according to Heather Rasley, our latest featured artist, are more than some idiot posting the age old adage, “If someone gave u oral sex is it cheating???”, but the popular response it receives.   I’m not sure why crowd sourcing in this instance evaluates this particular pole so to be so valuable, but certainly it presents a humorous crack in the wisdom of crowds ideology so popular on the web right now.

The idiosyncratic expression generated by standardized web applications represents the bulk of Rasley’s work.  Inspired by December’s featured artist Kari Altmann, Rasley’s thusly proposed series of seven mastheads made with Skitch, a program, that as far as I can tell, is primarily targeted at people who don’t own Photoshop or Illustrator.  Over the next two weeks you’ll see mastheads titled Produce, Change, Google, 140, Economically, Triangles, and Yay.  Each abstractly comment on the state of American politics and the economy.

Artist’s Biography

Heather Rasley has been playing on the Internet since 1995. A former web editor, she now works for Automattic, makers of WordPress. She thinks of screenshots as documentary photography, and enjoys the simplicity of generators and apps. Her use of these tools can be seen in her work on http://www.heather-rasley.com. She has a BA in Humanities from New College of Florida and half a master’s from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. She lives in San Francisco, and misses New York.  Email her (about anything) at heather dot rasley at gmail dot com.


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love it!

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love it!

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