IMG MGMT Launches Monday!

by Art Fag City on July 24, 2009 IMG MGMT

Martha Rosler, Photo Op, From the series Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful, new series, 2004; photomontage, print dimensions unknown. Image via: Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Time to pull out your finest Sharpie and mark your calendars!  This summer’s edition of IMG MGMT launches Monday, and readers won’t want to miss it.  In an effort to highlight the diversity of image based curatorial practices amongst contemporary art makers, the program invites selected artists to publish visual essays on AFC.  The format is completely open, taking the form of image based posts, text and image articles, videos, and curated Youtube channels. This season we host work from AIDS-3D, Petra Cortright, Marc Handelman, Joel Holmberg,Michael Mahalchick, Michaela Melian, Seth Price, Jon Rafman, Martha Rosler, Lucy Skaer, VVork, and Claudia Wieser.  Obviously we’re quite biased over here, but with this lineup of artists, it’s safe to say there will be quite a bit of extraordinary content on the site for the next month.  Be sure to visit us Monday when Joel Holmberg kicks off the series with his essay on Zappos corporate culture.

Conceived of by Paddy Johnson in summer 2008, IMG MGMT is an annual image-based series. This year’s edition is jointly curated by Paddy Johnson and Karen Archey.  Editorial assistance provided by Julia Halperin.

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