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by Art Fag City on December 22, 2009 Events

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Private Circulation, Screengrab AFC

What’s the best free art/Internet gift you can give your friends? I say a subscription to Private Circulation, a once monthly email service that delivers proposals, unrealized art projects, brief histories, photo collections, large posters, and essays to your inbox. By nature, Private Circulation is not its own PR machine. The services publishes only inside your inbox, and its small blog speaks to a range of topics, only a few of which give any indication of what the latest issue is about.

In the past, I’ve covered Private Circulation’s Cyan Issue, hosted the project’s ownership manual in the masthead, and participated in Lets Meet in Real Life, a show at Capricious Space with the publication. This month’s PDF, Eleven Poems from Elle Magazine, resembles fashion fridge poetry only the verse is much better.  In keeping with the format of the magazine, I won’t discuss the issue more than this, though I will note the service is worth the two seconds it takes to sign up. It is, without doubt, my favorite, under-known independent publication, and I look forward to receiving it each month.

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