The Art Fag City Year End Fundraiser: Update!

by Art Fag City on January 8, 2010 Events

Saul Chernick, Three Musicians, 2009, relief print, 13 x 15 inches, Edition of 10.

We’re still waiting on the final numbers to come in on the Art Fag City Fundraiser — snail mail and promised funds take a little more time to come in and calculate — but as it stands now readers donated over $5,000 this year.  This is less than the target goal I set, which was $8,000, but seeing as how in the midst of a recession many more readers donated this year than last, I still view the campaign as a success.

Should readers still wish to donate, NURTUREart accepts last minute contributions on behalf of Art Fag City through Paypal. Also, those who sent in donations by mail and have not heard from us should contact me at The blog erroneously published NURTUREart’s former address on Keaps Street earlier in the campaign, so it’s possible the non-profit did not receive your check. This was a significantly less-than-awesome error on my part, so apologies all around for that.

Ball note: We’ve been having trouble hosting certain animated gifs, which is creating great havoc here at the office. We’ll have that under control shortly!

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