Rhizome’s Silent Auction Ends Tonight!

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Michael Smith, Sears Class Portraits, 2008, C-Print, 38.9 x 30 inches, unique, framed, Current Bid: $2,500, Starting Bid: $2,500, Retail Value: $3,000.

I want that Michael Smith Sears Class Portrait. It reminds me of a post Karen Archey wrote for the blog last year surveying an array of weird portraits in art and the larger web, and as a self professed connoisseur of strange stuff, this very much appeals to me.

Those interested in owning the piece have a chance at it; It’s part of Rhizome’s benefit silent auction, which includes 12 items available for bidding until 11:45 pm tonight. The works will be on display at Rhizome’s Annual Benefit tonight, which this year is free (although also sold out).

Seeing as how this is the case, I won’t bother tantalizing readers with event details. I have however taken the liberty of highlighting a few auction items I think are worth bid placement. Help a worthy cause out!

Paul Chan, Sade for Font’s Sake, 2010, Data CD containing 21 truetype fonts and a collection of digital artworks by artist Paul Chan. For Rhizome, Chan has created a special edition of 100, with signed DVD and limited print. To reserve one, email laurencornell@rhizome.org Retail Value: $300

AIDS 3D, Discarded Mask, 2007, Latex fetish mask with el-panel, 30 x 30 cm, unique, Current Bid: $1,350.00, Starting Bid: $1,250, Retail Value: $2,000

Brody Condon, Celebrant at the Hermannsdenkmal (with Girlfriend), 2010
Hand Screenprint on Digital C-print, 30 x 24 inches, edition: 3 + 1AP. Courtesy On Stellar Rays Gallery, Current Bid: $3,200, Starting Bid: $3,200, Retail Value: $4,000

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