Art Fag City at The L Magazine: Curating The Curated

by Paddy Johnson on August 18, 2010 The L Magazine

Do you hear what I hear? Image via: BLDGBLG

This week at The L Magazine I discuss three blogs I’ve been charmed by lately: Anonymous Works, BLDGBLG, and Contemporary Art Daily. The teaser below:

The redefinition of the term “curator” was discussed to death last year, and not just as it relates to organizing web content (you know, blogging). The New York Times‘s Alex Williams talked to countless creative professionals donning the title, The American Association Museums took issue with the term’s over-use, and Tomorrow Museum hosted a hilarious survey of the more ridiculous attempts to capitalize on the prestige of the position. (Seriously, panty curators sending hand-picked underwear to your door every month?)

And though the rise of social networking has meant that “friends” now act as our main curators of web content, there are still some art bloggers out there worth a mention for their curatorial efforts, which come close to museum-level in their expertise.

To read the full piece click here.

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