Tetsumi Kudo at Andrea Rosen

by Art Fag City on September 1, 2010 Reviews


Artist: Tetsumi Kudo
Date: Friday, September 10th 2010Saturday, October 16th 2010
Venue: Andrea Rosen Gallery, 525 West 24th Street

Speaking to the great influence of installation artist Tetsumi Kudo, famed sculptor, painter, and design product producer Tashashi Murakami declared the artist “the father of us all” during a recent exhibition. As it happens, Kudo’s themes are also particularly timely. His work imagines how we will live in a future of pollution and consumption and speaks to growing environmental concerns. This exhibit will focus on two bodies of work Cubes and Gardens, created in the decade following Kudo’s move from Japan to Paris in 1962. These installations represent an important step in Kudo’s aesthetic development, as well as for his interest in ecology and technology.

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