Art Fag City at The L Magazine: Contemporary Art at MoMA: Pretty Good, Really

by Paddy Johnson on September 3, 2010 The L Magazine

Laurie Anderson, O Superman

My latest piece is up at The L Magazine. This time, I talk MoMA.

Last year MoMA dedicated seven months to the display of contemporary drawings from the Judith Rothschild Foundation collection. It was a throwaway show probably designed to save money, but still… I wasn’t impressed. It was basically a survey of work the Foundation had bought in Chelsea recently, and hardly a marker of the best art exhibited. This year’s budget-friendly show, Contemporary Art from the Collection is a little better. MoMA dedicates the same second floor space to the stated aim of highlighting common artistic concerns and debates since the late 60s: economics, politics, gender and ethnicity. This isn’t the most inspired concept in the world—it’s so general it creates a slightly disjointed show—but whatever. For what it is, the exhibition’s worth checking out. I saw some work I hadn’t seen before, and I liked most of what’s on view.

To read the full piece click here.

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