Only Eight Days Left to Give to The Sound of Art! Let’s Take On Painting!

by Paddy Johnson on September 28, 2010 Sound of Art

Aron Namenwirth, Untitled 19 (The Sound of Money), 2005, Acrylic on panel, 48 x 36 inches

Those looking for a little art to hang on their walls at an easy price are in luck. I’m raising money to produce called The Sound of Art, a record filled with the sounds of video, installation and performance  heard around the city, and participating artist Aron Namenwirth has donated the fantastic work above to the cause! Pledge $1,750 and not only will this piece be yours, but you will receive all kinds of perks. This means The limited edition LP with a print by Michael Smith, tickets to the show, the prized thank you tweet haiku and much much more!

Namenwirth has a long history here at the blog, as an early featured masthead artist, and the owner one of my favorite, but now defunct new media spaces, artMovingProjects. In 2007 I wrote this about his work:

Choosing political figures and current issues to reproduce in the form of medium to large scale, Namenwirth uses small sized jpgs as a visual reference point. The paintings are perfectly executed; each color beautifully working with the next and the images, materialize and dematerialize relative to the viewers position. In some sense, Namenwirth literalizes what might be an imagined physical relationship between the user and a jpg, in another the paintings simply rearticulate digital representations of political figures and issues.

The above painting takes on no such political issue — instead tackling collaged jpgs as an inspiration for abstraction. His latest work incorporates paintings using this same technique into vast gardens of young saplings.


Aron Namenwirth is a painter, media artist, curator, and co-director of the now defunct artMovingProjects which he founded in 1995. Aron was born in Ipswich Mass. He received his M.F.A. in Painting in 1987 from Yale with colleagues Lisa Yuskavage, John Currin and Richard Phillips. He works and lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Aron's work is involved in Contemporary American Politics, War and Consumerist Culture. He recently showed at Momentaart, vertexList. and Galapagos. Namenwirth's animations have been screened at Diva in Miami. He has written and curated for Zing Magazine. His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The Brooklyn Rail, Time Out, Italian Vogue, and Broadcast on PBS and CNN.

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