David S. Allee: Dark Day

by Will Brand on January 5, 2011 Reviews

David S. Allee: Dark Day
Venue: Morgan Lehman Gallery535 West 22nd Street, 6th Floor

The photographer’s third solo show at Morgan Lehmann opens Thursday. The concept is a simple one – rather than following the recent trend (in which he himself is included) of ultra-lengthy exposures taken at night, Allee takes ultra-short exposures in broad daylight. Allee puts his back to the sun, so the resulting images show us less the glass-fronted skyscrapers and steel subway cars that are their ostensible subjects and more the reflections glancing off them. Part of me want to drone on about photography that emphasizes the physicality of light, but most of me wants to pick up my camera and go try this out myself. You’re probably better off looking at Allee’s stark, unsettling, somehow digital-feeling creations than waiting for me to get back.

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