Fia Backström and Christian Philipp Müller

by Art Fag City on January 5, 2011 Reviews

Artist: Fia Backström and Christian Philipp Müller
Venue: Murray Guy453 West 17th Street

A double-barrel blast from Murray Guy. Backström, slated to represent Sweden in Venice this year, presents “Ambien ® Social Support five ways of authenticating address”, an installation that’s… well, it’s got something to do with Twitter, maybe. It’s big, it’s complicated, it’s what’s left after social media is diced up by Backström’s critical edge. Backström hasn’t given us much reason to doubt her, and this should be a thought-provoking preview to Venice. Müller, meanwhile, continues his investigations into the gallery as a space IRL, rather than the earthly home of the art gods. Prompted by Murray Guy’s site on West 17th Street, for “31 in Chelsea” the artist visits a series of local residents – one for each day of the show – starting with the question, “What is Chelsea?”. Artifacts and remains from his visits will be shown in the gallery, and a performance will take place on the 14th.

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