Photoshop Contest! Bill ‘n’ Me: Win Tickets to a Feast for an Apocalypse!

by Will Brand on January 18, 2011 · 2 comments Opportunities

Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw’s food-performance “Feast for an Apocolypse”, Imeday Imeday Ollarday Icklenay, has sold out every performance so far. They added another day – this Friday, the 21st – and tickets go for $99 each, a not unreasonable price given the pomp involved. It would be outright cruel, then, to tell you once again about the elevating Plexiglass dining table, the unending torrent of food and drink courtesy of chef Yuri Hart, or the cast of characters roving around – and at times hovering above – the gallery. Cruel, that is, unless we were GIVING AWAY FOUR TICKETS!!!


Revelry you can be a part of!

That’s right – thanks to a very generous donor, who has given up attendance to proudly display his junk to TSA personnel, we have four tickets to this unmissable event, and we’re giving them away to our readers. Here’s how can you become one of those lucky readers:

You’ve probably noticed the pictures surfacing on Twitter of Bill Clinton with just about everybody in the art world. Jerry Saltz has had his as a Facebook profile picture for years, but lately – true to his nature – Bill’s been getting around. Jerry’s thankfully not the jealous type, but we want to know exactly how far Bill’s wanderings have taken him.

Bill with Jerry, Paddy Johnson, and AFC's Will Brand

Have you met Bill? Do you have proof? If you do, that’s a sure sign you’ve made it in the art world. Double-check you’ve got the right former President by consulting the original image here, then send us a link to your picture or pictures, along with details about how you’re using it. We’ll judge the entries on the basis of technical skill, comedic value, and prominence, with a stress on the last category: making waves in your social mediasphereoverse is a plus, and if you can sneak your picture into the Times, you probably win. If you can convince somebody else to have a meeting with Bill, that counts towards you, too. Paddy’s using it as her Facebook and Twitter images, and Kyle Chayka over at Hyperallergic has managed to get a ROFL out of Tyler Green. Can you do better? We’re envisioning a Twitter feed entirely made up of tiny Bills, here, and if you can make that happen (the revolution starts with you!) you’ll be duly rewarded. The top entrant will receive two tickets to Imeday Imeday Ollarday Icklenay; the two runners-up will each receive one ticket; all will be immortalized in the Pantheon of the internet. The deadline is Midnight, Thursday January 20th, so get ‘shopping!

Entries can be e-mailed to, with “Bill ‘n’ Me” in the Subject line. Obviously, you should be free Friday night, or willing to make yourself free after we announce the winners Friday at noon. Phone numbers are a plus so we can get in touch on Friday. Good luck!

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