This Week in AFC Programming: I’m Not Here

by Paddy Johnson on February 15, 2011 Posting Notice

Spirit Surfers, Blue Willow, 2010

I’m heading out to Granville, Ohio today to install an animated GIF show I curated for The Mulberry Gallery at Denison University. This means a couple of things to readers, namely that Will Brand will be managing the site for the next couple of days. This is the man behind The UnCanny Valley of “Electrocuted Squirrel”, Google Art Project, Maybe Not Actually the Best Thing Ever, and Humanizing The Mythology of The Artist, so expect the general quality of posts around here to be pretty high. I’m looking forward to reading part two of his series on the best and worst gallery websites, in addition to Corinna Kirsch’s take on the Stephen Rhodes exhibition at Metro Pictures, and the second installment of Guy Forget’s series on impermanence. We’ll also have a few additions to recommended shows we feature on the site so look forward to that. This should be particularly interesting as we’ve started to rate our recommended shows on a scale of 0-10. Words are great and all that, but we’d like there to be a little less ambiguity in our evaluations. This will definitely help.

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