How To Survive Armory Week

by Will Brand on March 2, 2011 · 6 comments Art Fair

Wendy MacNaughton's Art Fair Map, for 20x200

It’s art fair time! Art’s in season and we’re going hunting. Thanks to a generous sponsorship by 20×200 we’ll be blogging furiously over the next few days, so stick around for our coverage of all the major fairs and events. But wait, you say-

How will I know where to go? You’ll read our comprehensive list of fairs, of course! We’ve broken down who to see and where, along with hours and some comments on the likelihood of finding that elusive good art.

How will I know what events to attend? You’ll have the Art Fag City + Hyperallergic Event Guide, available in the 20×200 Art Fair Survival Kit, along with everything from a tape measure and level to a tongue cleaner and Altoids.

How can I get a Survival Kit? You can find them at Pulse (check out Jen Bekman Gallery and Baer Ridgway while you’re there) and via nomadic 20×200 elves who’ll be updating their location on 20×200’s Twitter.

How can I get free art? Well, firstly, you’ve sort of missed the point of art fairs. Secondly, through 20×200! Tweet a picture of yourself with the Survival Kit and you could win 20×200 gift certificates through their Be In It To Win It contest. Tweeting plus free stuff? Is this some kind of blogger trap?


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