Trendwatch 2011! The Recap is Here

by Paddy Johnson on March 8, 2011 Art Fair

Neon, shiny things, and rugs make a comeback at the Independent fair

Through Armory week we scoured not only the fairs and but the Internet for common trends artists, curators and collectors could identify. This series was sponsored by the good folks over at 20×, and revealed greater diversity of trends than I initially anticipated (pink-dominance not withstanding). Our Armory Show Bingo card revealed shiny steel, neon lights, kenetic sculpture, yellow, palm trees and unique dealer chairs as amongst their trends. The Independent gave us performance artists, stuff on the floor, and the hope for a crown jewel trend. Moving Image offered up aging and people in costume.

No where but the Armory Show did the yellow trend rein. Pulse took pink. And as for the Internet – it did what the Internet does best — got people laid (we hope). My favorite trend of the entire week was identified by AFC’s Corinna Kirsch: The use of Craigslist missed connections by fair goers. Here’s hoping a few people see a little more spring in their step this week!

Art Fair Bingo and trends coverage is supported by 20×200, the place to buy art online. 20×200 offers limited-edition fine art prints at ridiculously affordable prices. Learn more about 20×200 here.

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