Meeting JstChillin IRL: Turns Out It’s Actually Fat

by Will Brand on March 17, 2011 · 1 comment Events

Looking for a refuge from tonight’s legions of green-clad drunks, preferably one with drinks? Don’t want to shout about a country you’ve mostly learned about through alcohol and cereal? You’re in luck.

Tonight through the end of March 319 Scholes will be putting on Read/Write, a self-produced retrospective of JstChillin. JstChillin is the online curatorial project of Caitlin Denny and Parker Ito, the latter of whom is a former masthead artist here at AFC. 35 emerging net artists previously exhibited on will be shown, though we’ve heard little information about exactly what’ll be on view. Apparently it will “attempt to capture and translate the spirit” of JstChillin; hopefully that involves more Artie Vierkant and Jon Rafman and less of the bullshit that produced phrases like “curatorial synesthesia” and “the post-human culture of ‘I'”. The opening, tonight from 7-midnight, is going to be mega-sceney, for good or ill – certainly it’s a strong contender for New York’s best refuge from St. Paddy.

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tom moody March 23, 2011 at 12:22 pm

Will, you are so mean. Just chill, d00d.

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