40 Hour Non-Stop Party at Serralves This Weekend

by Paddy Johnson on May 27, 2011 Events

The Serralves Garden

Art folk in Porto won’t stop talking about GANG GANG DANCE! The band will be the closing act this weekend at the Serralves 40 hour non-stop party/performance, music, video and other stuff extravaganza, and everyone I’ve met is VERY excited. Well, me too (even if I can’t claim quite so much excitement over the museum band staple). No one comes to this blog for music criticism so I’ll spare you that, but given my recent foray into vinyl production (yes, I mean The Sound of Art), it should come as no surprise that have a special interest in this program. Expect the usual point and shoot photo essay from me this weekend and if you’re in Porto Portugal, come join me. I’ll be checking out Sideways Rain, a contemporary dance performance that will take place Saturday 9:30 to 10:30 pm. I hear there will be nudity!

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