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by Whitney Kimball on June 24, 2011 · 17 comments Featured Artist

fameintheshadows.jpg, Laura Brothers, 2009

I’m obsessed with the work of digital artist Laura Brothers, aka out4pizza.  Much like intaglio prints, straight lines are masterfully woven to create incredibly intricate forms in both animated and still drawings. Layers of line and color often drift and glide, utilizing hard edges to create softness and gradients. Some highlights from her work on LiveJournal and Computers Club:

Luxury Leak (detail), Laura Brothers, 2009


exitstrategy.gif, Laura Brothers, 2008


endscene.jpg, Laura Brothers, 2011


RoboPopFloatVoid.gif, Laura Brothers, 2008


As Long As the Kids Gogo, Laura Brothers, 2008

For more info on Laura and the Computers Club, see Nicholas O’Brien’s column at The Creators Project.

  • http://twitter.com/WIZARDISHUNGRY Jon Williams

    FYI, a number of these images have been resized by the post’s html, causing noticeable artifacts. Viewers should click through to the full size images. #tommoodyconcerns

    • Anonymous

      We’re fixing this now. Thanks for the heads up. 

    • Anonymous

      Several images have been replaced with much smaller (dimensionwise) lossy jpeg versions as well #tommoodyconcerns

      • Anonymous

        We know and are changing them. Thx.

      • Will Brand

        Fixed. The first image is cropped slightly, and the second, third, fourth, and fifth are all parts of larger series. Each image now links through to her blog post, so for the full experience of, say, exitstrategy.gif, I highly recommend clicking through.

        #tommoodyconcerns is right, but this is something the guy’s right about. You’re curated when reblogged, and we fucked up the hang. Hopefully it’s all better now.

        • http://tommoody.us tom moody

          “this is something the guy’s right about” –
          Paddy, I used to really like your blog, before incivility and casual slurs became the norm.

          • Anonymous

            It’s the “but” that’s the problem here and I agree that it’s a problem. Is there no way you guys can just meet in person and iron out a few differences? 

          • Will Brand

            No. Sorry, but no. I agreed that this was something you often concern yourself with, and noted that however typical of you these concerns might be, they are still correct. There’s absolutely nothing negative in that. I would not have spent an hour and a half of my time editing this post yesterday morning if I did not agree with your ideas about displaying digital art (or Dragan’s ideas that reached me through you).

            I’m not attacking you, here, Tom. There are plenty of people on the internet who are, and they’re easily identified by the fact that they call you things worse than “right”. This is ridiculous. 

  • Fortressa

    Are you familiar with Daniel Barrow’s animations? 

  • http://twitter.com/Hypothete Duncan Alexander

    Why do I have deja vu? Also, in the right context the artifacts can be part of the fun. Just saying.

  • http://tommoody.us tom moody

    It does make sense to correctly reproduce the digital art you are advocating (which I note includes GIFs – is that partisanship?). Before these were my concerns they were Dragan Espenschied’s concerns–he’s been writing eloquently for years on the subject of accurate display. See, e.g., “How to correctly print low resolution screen graphics” http://drx.a-blast.org/~drx/projects/print/index.en.html

  • http://tommoody.us tom moody

    Good artists can make lemonade from digital lemons (as Duncan suggests) but I don’t think that’s the subject of this post.

    • http://twitter.com/Hypothete Duncan Alexander

      It’s not the subject, but given the fact that Brothers does work at the pixel level and online, it’s a valid concern that her work will be scaled by the browsers of a significant percentage of her audience. It looks to me like the resulting moire is anticipated in some cases, as quite a few of her works are enlarged within the file to prevent artifacts.

  • http://tommoody.us tom moody

    And apologies to Laura Brothers for the crossfire–very nice work.

  • http://www.digitalmediatree.com/sallymckay/ sally

    I am! What are you thinking Fortressa?

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