Listen Up Toronto: Sound of Art Drops This Thursday @ Mercer Union

by Paddy Johnson on August 8, 2011 Events

Toronto readers, prepare to see AND hear Art Fag City in 3D.  That’s right; starting 9PM Thursday, August 11th, at the Mercer Union Contemporary Art Centre I'll be hosting a FREE [music!] show. Paul Slocum and Lewis Kaye will remix Art Fag City's limited edition LP, The Sound of Art. Guest musician and fellow Canadian Koushik will also perform.

Just what’s on this record? Maybe some of you remember the pitch from last year’s Sound of Art fundraiser:

Sounds heard in New York galleries, museums and project spaces over the last five years. Difficult electronics. Stampeding animals, Hebrew prayer, a transformer fire, a children’s carousel. One hundred carpenters pounding 10,000 nails. Field recordings of recordings by guitar genius John Fahey, and archival sound pieces by the pioneering conceptualist Lawrence Weiner. An iPod drum circle and thoughts on nostalgia. Also, yes, a toy monkey with cymbals.

As for our remixers– look out, Toronto!  Brooklyn based artist Paul Slocum will DJ house tracks and sample from the album. He’ll also use his keyboard to manually “play” his iPhone app Magic Carpet, as it spins images of quilts at high speeds to create fractal-like images. Following Slocum, Torontonian Lewis Kaye, a sound artist and media science researcher promises to use the software Plogue Bidule to process live audio from the event, along with the other pre-existing samples. This will include those from The Sound of Art. Koushik, a well known Hamilton based DJ opens the night. Do. Not. Miss. This.

For those of you at home, we bear gifs. In preparation of this momentous occasion, I asked Phillip Niemeyer of Double Triple if he would produce a few promo images for the event. He outdid himself. We’ll be running a new animated poster each day up through to the event. If you’re into flag burning be sure to check back. Also, I believe someone may have found the missing A from Art F*G City’s name on the Sound of Art Album Cover.

One final note: since we’ll all be in Canada this week, don't expect much on the blog after Wednesday.  This will be our first stop in a makeshift North American tour in which musicians, artists and creative folk of all types will be invited to remix this album to produce new sounds.


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