The Sound of Art Flag Burning Begins Tomorrow

by Paddy Johnson on August 10, 2011 Events

Canada better look out. Art Fag City is coming to Mercer Union tomorrow in Toronto, and we’re going to Whoop. Some. Ass! Granted, we’re not entirely sure how this will take place. The event only promises the use of a DJ battle record (not a DJ dual) and the very nature of contemporary art culture may force the replacement of “battle” with “respectful collaboration”. But WHO KNOWS. The event may well become an epic turf war to see who can get the most artists out on the gallery dance floor. And in any event, there will be beer. There will also be schwag and sound.  Toronto readers, I’d better see you tomorrow!

Editor’s note: Thanks to Double Triple’s Phillip Niemeyer for the final installment of AFC’s Sound of Art GIF posters.

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