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by Paddy Johnson on October 10, 2011 Massive Links

Sophia Wallace, “DeVohn, No. 2 from the series Modern Dandy”, 2010, chromogenic print, 20 x 16 inches framed, Ed: 2 of 7. Available at the NURTUREart benefit.

  • Last chance to get your NURTUREArt Benefit ticket. Buy some art and help an organization out. The event takes place tomorrow evening at the Chelsea Art Museum. [NURTUREart]
  • Tom Moody laments the disappearance of ranting on the blogosphere and in the comment sections of blogs. We still see plenty of rants here, but the totally crazy shit (Moody says isn’t really a rant anyway) has subsided with the push away from anonymity on the web. [Tom Moody]
  • Does anyone actually believe the suspect who says the Matisse, the Picasso and a Modigliani stolen from the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris where thrown away? The account of the actual robbery is incredible. The man claims he only planned to take one painting, but then, since it was so easy, he strolled through the museum to find two more. [The Telegraph]
  • Good to see the New York Times editorials blindly supporting the crazy right wing initiatives finally disappear. It’s worth mentioning that Occupy Wall Street isn’t just a bunch of lefties camping out. You see a large political spectrum of participants including Ron Paul supporters. Banks need regulation.  [NYTimes]
  • “No Comment”, an exhibition organized by The Arts and Culture group at Occupy Wall Street held an opening this Saturday, 7-9. According to a statement curator Anna Harrah gave to Hyperallergic the show is all about creating a conversation. [Hyperallergic] This can be seen in the same light as Claire Fontaine’s Hunger Strike talk yesterday at Artist’s Space or even the general message of ArtPrize, which advocates for populism minus the activism.
  • Speaking of ArtPrize, a winner has been picked. A giant stained glass crucifix will represent Grand Rapids for the next year. Congratulations Mia Tavonelli. [ArtPrize]
  • Weezer’s base player Mikey Welsh was found dead in his hotel room Saturday afternoon. Drug overdose is suspected. Welsh retired from the band in 2001, after suffering a nervous breakdown and began a second career as a painter. [Chicago Tribune]
  • This is a good idea: Gif Group Show, Friends. []
  • Performance artist Marni Kotak will give birth to a baby in a gallery as art. From the Microscope Gallery press release: “The exhibit also launches Kotak's new conceptual work Raising Baby X in which she re-contextualizes the everyday act of raising a child into a work of performance art, reaching out to collectors, private investors and foundations for their support.” By this logic, the rest of us should be approaching hospitals to financially support the rearing of our babies because that’s where they were born. I can’t think of a worse direction for art.  [Animal New York]


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