There’s Still Shit Left To Do In December

by Whitney Kimball on December 8, 2011 Events

Photo of George Kuchar from PS1 website

Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle. After this year’s auction protests, art fairs, and museum freakshows, it’s high time we sit our asses down to some video games. Here are a few art events that require little to no effort (in a good way) this month:

See Golden Fag George Kuchar

George Kuchar’s “Pagan Rhapsodies” at P.S.1, 22-25 Jackson Ave., at the intersection of 46th Ave. On view through January 15th, 2012.

We’re not yet finished talking about Golden Fag Laureate George Kuchar. Though his was not a household name like John Waters or R. Crumb, his videos, paintings, and works on paper are credited with practically spawning the entire camp genre. P.S.1 is now showing many of his pivotal works, through January 15th.


Clockwise from left: Mary Flanagan, Edo Stern, Rafael Rozendaal, Jason Rohrer. (Screengrab from Postmasters.)

Play Video Games in Chelsea

Play Station, curated by Marcin Ramocki and Paul Slocum, at Postmasters Gallery 459 West 19th Street.  December 8th — 22nd.

We can’t think of anyone better suited to curate a show of digital games than Marcin Ramocki and Paul Slocum. Both digital media artists have been all over this blog; just this Monday we listed this in our week of Media openings list. Other than this Ramocki recently got a mention as the co-organizer of the Woodstock Digital Media Festival and Slocum for his Sir Sampleton App.  “Playstation” features entirely game-related work that you can actually play with; at the opening, they invite artists to BYOB (“Bring Your Own Beamer,” which is nerdspeak for “projector”) so they can project additional games to show and play. You’re guaranteed to see something new.


“Water Panics in the Sea” 2011 single channel digital stop-frame animation. (Photo lifted from Art Cat.)

Mull Some Shit Over

Nicole Klagsbrun project: Laleh Khorramian, Water Panics in the Sea. 534 West 24th Street.

For lovers of poeticism and nature art, Laleh Khorramian will be showing another of her series of collaged landscape animations, constructed from magnified details of monotypes, drawings, and refuse.


Cover of Transition, issue 106

The Only East African Literary Journal We Know Of

New Museum Theater: An Evening with Transition. 235 Bowery.  Thursday, Dec 8th, 7:00 PM.  Free.

Editors and contributors for the magazine Transition will speak about its vision. This should be enlightening; Transition, founded in Africa in 1961 and now based at Harvard University, is praised as an intellectual hub of East Africa, presenting radical ideas about race. It was shut down twice- once in 1968 when the founding editor was arrested for speaking out against President Obote and again in 1971 for financial reasons, not to be revived until 1991.


Page 2: Paul Chan, Kill Screens, and a promising painting show.

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