Friday Links: Anti-Artist Anti-Design Edition

by Art Fag City on December 9, 2011 · 1 comment Massive Links

  • The Guardian’s article on the German art giant Anselm Kiefer is not without its gems. His solo exhibition at White Cube gallery in London opens today. “Damien Hirst is a great anti-artist. To go to Sotheby’s and sell your paintings directly is destroying art. But in doing it to such an exaggerated extent, it becomes art.” [The Guardian]
  • Shock waves continue to spread in the trial in Germany of Wolfgang Beltracchi, whose crew fabricated no less than fifty three works of art, including pieces by Fernand Leger, Max Ernst, and Georges Braque. Gallerist James Roundell is “sure there will be more wreckage washed up on the shore before we see the end of this.” [The Art Newspaper]
  • No fewer than three New York institutions are celebrating the centennial of Romare Bearden this year with exhibitions of his work. Holland Cotter writes about the collagist’s generosity both in and out of his studio: “He paid dues of a kind all but unthinkable to artists coming out of art school today.” [NYT]
  • Footprints? Handprints? Hover craft landing gear? Archaeologists are still stumped about the origins of a set of deltoid indentations found in the limestone floor of a building in Jerusalem’s Old City. “The markings are very strange, and very intriguing. I’ve never seen anything like them.” says Eli Shukron of Israel’s Antiquities Authority.  [Art Daily]
  • The Euro will turn ten come January. Some of us have see the currency’s sterile design as a symbol of the EU’s static dysfunction. The metaphor was visible ten years ago to French economist André Orléan: “Look at the symbolism: bridges and imaginary windows. The euro isn’t anchored in the past, it’s virtual, it doesn’t correspond to any reality.” [The Guardian]
  • For Andrew Russeth, the curatorship behind “American Exuberance” at the Rubell Collection is a reflection of how the today’s collectors are currently operating: fallibly. “Of course, if the show's title recalls one thing, it is former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan's description of the wild, speculative acquisition of Internet stocks at the end of the 1990s: ‘irrational exuberance.’ Maybe the Rubells are onto something after all.” [Gallerist]
  • Fans of Twitter-er @ElBloombito rejoice as the winner of the Village Voice’s Web Award receives a congratulations from Mayor Bloomberg. Please don’t ask us what this has to do with art. We’re just really psyched for the guy. [Runnin Scared]

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