The Legacy of Reza Abdoh: Today at CUNY’s Martin E. Segal Theatre

by Paddy Johnson on December 19, 2011 Events

I’ve spent a small part of the morning depressing the hell out of myself thanks to a tip from artist Yehuda Duenyas: Watching enough clips to recommend the all day Reza Abdoh screenings at CUNY’s Martin E. Segal Theatre, isn’t exactly a jolly time, despite generally liking what I saw. This, after all, is the man who’s “The Law of Remains” was described by the “one of the angriest theater pieces ever hurled at a New York audience” in a 1992 review by the NYTimes. The Iranian playwright, director and filmmaker died of AIDS in 1995 at the age of 32. If you’re not currently inside the theatre, you’ll miss “The Law of Remains”, the seven-scene play that draws from the police reports of Jeffrey Dahmer’s murders. Still, “Tight Right White” screens at 1:15 pm and “The Blind Owl” at 3 pm. The clip from The Blind Owl creeped me out sufficiently from home. Those with more free time in the evening can attend the evening’s panels and discussions, with Abdoh’s collaborators Juliana Francis-Kelly, Tom Pearl, Tal Yarden, and Anita Durst.

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