Andy Warhol On Your Face

by Corinna Kirsch on March 22, 2012 Newswire

When Cindy Sherman collaborated with MAC last year, we weren’t sure the new make up line would sell. Blue-eyeshadowed clowns weren’t trending. We assume somebody must have bought the stuff though because now there's a line of Andy Warhol-inspired cosmetics.

The Andy Warhol Foundation licensed the naming rights to cosmetics giant NARS, a company known for face-altering products with tacky names like “orgasm” and “deep throat.” NARS wants its new line to “evoke the cool, image-rich, character-laden world of Warhol.” For all we know, NARS really wanted some Blow Job lipstick.

The line hasn’t been released yet, but if the make-up looks anything like Warhol’s portraits, it’s sure to make you look like a drag queen. We set out to prove this by running iconic Andy Warhol paintings through Ru Paul's Dragulator. The faces stay pretty much the same. The proof below.

Chairman Mao looks as sexy as Roseanne Barr thanks to the warm undertones of his new blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow.

Andy Warhol still mopes like Andy Warhol.

Marilyn Monroe looks worse for the wear.

Even Triple Elvis can be draggified.

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