Weekend Links: Projectile Pee Explained

by Paddy Johnson on June 25, 2012 Massive Links

  • Jeff Koons is making inflatable Venuses of Willendorf. [Bloomberg]
  • For the GIF nerd. [GIF Peanut Butter]
  • The Internet actually is a series of tubes, according to author Andrew Blum. His new book, Tubes, A Journey to the Center of the Universe is reviewed in the New York Times. Urban Omnibus has the real story though. [Urban Omnibus]
  • Love this Calvin Tomkins profile on The Tate’s Nicholas Serota. Lesson learned: Set your expectations high. [The New Yorker, subscribers only]
  • It turns out drugs are behind last year’s “projectile” urination fiasco at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver. Carmen Tisch told press Friday that she was high on bath salts and is sorry for the $10,000 worth of damage she caused to the Still painting. [NY Daily News, via: Animal NY]
  • Carol Kino rewrites a press release for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and publishes it at The New York Times. We’re sure the nine photographers who’ve been asked to photograph “the modern American South” have done a great job, that Richard Misrach’s previously undeveloped photographs from a 1998 commission are worth a view, and that the newly commissioned work they have on view deserves additional exposure. For this reason, it’s a real shame there’s no meat to this story. [NYTimes]

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