Art Fag City at The L Magazine: Work in Progress

by Paddy Johnson on August 1, 2012 The L Magazine

Craig Konyk and Steve Lamb, "Bridge" (1987), Photo Thomas Grisel, Courtesy Creative Time

This week at The L Magazine I talk to a few institutions about how they’re using Facebook timeline. Is it effective? No one seems to know.

Back in March, Facebook launched Timeline, a redesign that allows users to fill in milestones and user histories all the way back to their births. Five months later, nobody I know has done much with the feature, but I have noticed a few art institutions starting to fill out their histories. I figured they already had websites that hosted a lot of the same information, so I spoke to a few staff members about their objectives for Timeline and how it was working out.

“More people need to know these amazing projects,” Todd Florio, Creative Time’s Social Media and Digital Communications Director (a new position), told me earnestly when I asked him why the organization had embraced Timeline. He was speaking of Gran Fury’s “Kissing Doesn’t Kill” billboards on buses (1989) and Bill Brand’s subway animation “Masstransiscope” (1980), two well-known works many do not know were sponsored by Creative Time. Florio has been publishing between one to three posts a day on Facebook since he arrived in March, and is now doing the same with their Tumblr.

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