Circle Glasses: The Art World’s Gateway to Power

by Paddy Johnson and Whitney Kimball on August 13, 2012 · 13 comments A Brief History Of

Do you have square glasses? Better put that paintbrush down if your answer’s yes, because your art career is over.


  • Warren Thomas King

    Shouldn’t the photographers get credits here?

    • fahhool

      No, I think the schwag weed the editors are smoking deserves all the credit.

      • Will Brand

        Don’t bring the quality of our weed into this. That’s just low.

  • fahhool

    This site is like Gawker for art – an unreadable rabble dabble of butthurt snark married to undignified (and just plain bad) writing masquerading as insight and originality.

    I’ll be reading the “Guess Who’s Jewish” slideshow on the NY Daily News, thanks. At least they’re honest about their intentions.

    • Paddy Johnson

      Why is it that the people leaving the shittiest and most uninformed remarks never have the balls to leave their real name?

      • fahhool

        Wow, who are you, the Janet Napolitano of bottom-feeding art web-blogs?

        • Will Brand

          Haha ZING watch out for this guy

    • WhitneyKimball

      OH what a cruel world this is that we would deceive you with an imperfect blog post. Why, God, whyyyyy

      • fahhool

        Keep it up. With wit and writing chops like that, you can be the next Helen Gurley Brown.

    • Eve PS

      what’s wrong with gawker?

  • John Tomlinson

    I can relate to the humor about round vs. square glasses (it’s ok, because I look good in rectangular rimless glasses), but not to the tribe mentality of coordinated appearance.

  • Joe Sikora

    this is too funny. thanks!

  • Reid Singer

    …Tate Modern director, Chris Dercon.

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