Last Day to Apply for the Creative Time Summit!

by Corinna Kirsch on August 29, 2012 · 2 comments Opportunities

Creative Time—and Slavoj Žižek—wants you!

Who wants to talk at the same forum as Slavoj Žižek? Well, here’s your chance to give a talk alongside the likes of Martha Rosler, Slavoj Žižek, and Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev at the Creative Time Summit.

This year’s annual two-day conference will bring together a boatload of artists, curators, academics, and activists, and the event culminates in a $25,000 prize given out to an artist for work on social justice. Alongside this year’s speakers, Creative Time is hosting an open call for anyone who wants to give an eight-minute talk on the topic of wealth inequality in their own work. The deadline is tonight at midnight, so hurry up and send an email to

For more info about who should apply, here’s the details straight from the Creative Time Tumblr:

Open Call for a Creative Time Summit Presenter

For the 2012 Creative Time Summit, we are seeking a cultural producer from our dynamic global audience who is tackling issues of inequity and using creative strategies to mobilize social change. The Summit will be held on October 12th and 13th, 2012 at New York University’s Skirball Center.

We seek an inspirational 8-minute talk about a single project that speaks to the issue of wealth inequity, highlights the political implications of your practice, and showcases what your work has done to discuss, expose, or challenge a specific issue. We are looking for compelling projects and sincerity, rather than a CV or a laundry list of professional achievements.

If selected to present at the conference, Creative Time will fly you to New York City and cover all accommodations from October 11th–14th. Please do not apply if you cannot travel to New York between October 11th and October 14th.


  • A short (500 word max.) description of what you would present during your allotted 8 minutes at the Summit. Remember, this presentation should focus on a single project.
  • Up to 5 images or 5 minutes of video. Please do not send anything that cannot be opened via email. If we would like larger files, we will request them from you!
  • All materials to: by: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29th, 2012

If you are selected, we will notify you by: Friday, September 14, 2012.


Donald Frazell August 31, 2012 at 12:25 am

I am afraid to ask what he is measuring there. Looking at the site, I am always amazed how little creativity lays within the self styled world of “creatives”. That some ugly, dull, soulless, wordy ego driven nonsense. You gotta thank God(lmao, y’all thanking God!) for tax writeoff foundation grants. It wont survive in teh real world. Try actually Doing something, oen doesnt need headlines and backslapping to tgo forth and do. That is what creatives are Supposed to be, creatively active, do, dont talk about it, ie yourselves. I know many who do, far more than this, but dont seek attention. This is more therapy than work.
Just do it.
Start with being creative, and make a site that doesnt put the bore mind, stifle the body and put the soul to sleep.
And rid of all I’s and Me’s. Art is always about We.

Donald Frazell August 31, 2012 at 11:38 am

Wow, reading this “winner” guys great “concepts” is just so wrong on so many levels. Artistes really need to get out into the real world and learn how it works.Sittin around dishin in sterilized white cubes of pseudoacademia are not ways to be relevant.

Goats and Cheese, really? First, an area can sustain only so many goats, they are voracious and destroy plants by eating down to their roots. Second, cheese? One cannot live on cheese alone, and there are plenty of cheese makers in these areas already, with deep culture. They make wonderfully delicious and nutritious cheeses made from creative recipes handed down through the ages, skilled in technique and fitting with local produce for a balanced meal. Things art academies dont teach

Next, this sounds amazingly like the condencension of the Reagan era and government cheese. Tasteless leftovers which the government pretended was a luxury one could live off of. People cannot eat too much cheese, constipation and many being at various levels lactose intolerant, makes it not a main dish but a supplement. Next you will be saying pic local mustard weed, process it into goo and claim it is a vegetable, as did Reagan with ketchup.
Let them eat cheese.

Plus goats are incredibly rude and obnoxious creatures that eat everything, including fancy electronic devices around their necks, which will break son enough anyway. Let nature take her course and bring back balance with teh wolves, a few sheep are not going to bring starvation to these areas. They simply arent fat from processed foods like, well, artistes. They live with nature and the land, and much healthier than people at this backslapping festival.

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