Art Fag City at The L Magazine: The Best (And Worst) Things In Life Are Free

by Paddy Johnson on September 12, 2012 The L Magazine

Kaliflower, by the San Francisco Diggers, courtesy NURTUREart

This week at the L Magazine, I consider different interpretations of the term “free” by artists in the third installment of NURTUREart’s …Is It Free? show. I also decide what free art I would take home: not all of it.

Free things are usually shitty: corporate schwag, junk mail, the crap companies throw in when trying to sell barbecues on TV. If you’re in the art world however, it’s different—free is the ideological pillar which supports an entire professional field. Just take the New York art world, which is built on free labor (and a lot of it). Most of us know more people who are working on unpaid art projects than real paying jobs, and that’s not awesome. We believe that our world will be a little better for it, though, because we believe art has the power to effect change.

To read the full piece, click here.

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