[Sponsor] Art Miami Opens with Over 125 Galleries

by Paddy Johnson on December 5, 2012 Sponsor

Still from Janet Biggs: Brightness All Around. 2011. Courtesy Tampa Museum of Art

Art Miami runs through Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012, in the Wynwood Arts District, so you all best check out the fair. Now in it’s twenty-third year—an anchor art fair for the city of Miami—the fair, this year will debut CONTEXT Art Miami, it’s new sister art fair, designed to showcase the work of emerging artists. Naturally we’re interested.

More than 125 international contemporary and modern art galleries will participate in the fair. In particular, we’re interested in exhibitors Claire Oliver, Haunch of Venison, and Leila Heller Gallery. We’re also interested in sculptor Peter Anton, who is famed for his oversized confectionary sculptures. This year, he’s upped the sugar load at Art Miami with “Sugar & Gomorrah”, the world’s first sugar installation that includes a motor car as a viewing device. That’s right, this year, viewers can tour through the installation in a car while looking at a Sodom and Gomorah like world.

Another highlight of the CONTEXT Art Miami fair will be the Art Video | New Media Lounge. Dubbed, “Girls or Boys? Who cares?!”,  and curated by Julia Draganovic, and Claudia Loffelholz, the program will showcase a collection of work that questions gender roles in contemporary culture. Participating artists include Said Atabekov, Oded Hirsch, and Eli Cortiñas amongst others. AFC favorite Janet Biggs, will showcase Brightness All Around, a film that focuses on Linda Norberg, a female coal miner working in dangerous conditions. Surrounded by deafening machinery and relying on only a small headlamp for light, she drills in freezing temperatures.

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