This Art Bubbler Makes Us Want To Win Our Own Raffle

by Paddy Johnson on December 7, 2012 Wienerfest

Ceramic hand painted water pipe by artist Jesse Edwards. Image courtesy of The Hole

Unique, signed and dated.

As you all know, there are many reasons to attend our fundraiser, the Art Fag City Wienerfest, next Sunday at Postmasters Gallery (tickets here). You could be coming to see our multi-talented MC, artist and performer Guy Richards Smit auction artworks. Perhaps you would like to taste our artist-designed and art-inspired wieners by Michael Mahalchick and Jay Batlle. Or, feeling curious, you may just want to watch us expose our Signature Wiener for the first time.

But whether you partake in loose-leaf tobacco, or whatever, or you’re just an art lover, we think this hand-crafted water pipe with gnome truly has something for everyone. The Hole was generous enough to donate this (fully operational) work by Seattle-based artist Jesse Edwards. New Yorkers may have seen his work recently at Joshua Liner Gallery; this work, among other items, could be on your coffee table soon for as low as $6, with your purchase of an Art Fag City Wienerfest and Fundraiser raffle ticket.

Tickets are limited, so get ’em now!

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