Liz Magic Laser, Now in Wienerfest’s Silent Auction

by Corinna Kirsch on December 14, 2012 Wienerfest

Liz Magic Laser, "Deposit", digital c-print, 10 x 15 in., 2008. Signed, edition 1/5.

Liz Magic Laser just might be our generation’s leading performance artist. At last year’s Performa, she filled a crowded movie theater with actors reciting lines from political texts and transformed them into romantic conversations. That realistic staging was a hit. For her next step, as The Armory Show’s 2013 Commissioned Artist, she’s staging focus groups made up of critics, curators, and collectors that’ll result in new work at the fair. She’s a big deal and now, she’s going to be in Wienerfest’s silent auction. Boo-yah. We are excited.

That work, Deposit, comes from a one-off performance by Laser in 2008. She went up to a Chase bank ATM, and tried to make a deposit with some prosciutto. Understandably, the machine went bezerk and broke once she shoved the meat in the slot. The currency of meat, we’re running on that, too, at least for this weekend.

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