Cheer Up, Larry!

by Corinna Kirsch on December 14, 2012 · 1 comment From the Desk of AFC

Dear Larry,

We heard things weren’t looking so bright for you today. Damien Hirst left your gallery, Jeff Koons has been having second thoughts, and you’re still being sued. So, we thought we’d do something to cheer you up, like write you a letter about all that you have to look forward to in life. We know you’ll have a great 2013, even without Damien Hirst (or that two-timer Koons!). Here’s why:

  • You have Bob Dylan, probably.
  • You’re opening a restaurant! That’s different.
  • You just sold a sculpture of Buster Keaton riding an undersized pony for $5 million. You’re so good at sales!
  • Maybe you won’t get sued again. I mean, you can’t get sued every year, right? That’s like lightning striking twice.
  • Your investments are doing well? is getting press coverage.
  • You’re better off without Damien. He was just a damp log in your fire; his works just haven’t fetched the same prices since 2008.
  • You own a boa constrictor.

Anyway, just thinking about you. Go have lunch with Urs Fischer in Brooklyn, that always cheers you up.



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K.I.A. December 14, 2012 at 3:08 pm

• your “spots” have cleared up.

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