Wednesday Links! South Korea Ahead on Female Presidents, Behind on Yarnbombing

by Whitney Kimball on December 19, 2012 · 1 comment Massive Links

  • Tajcam profiles homeless artist Anthony Dominguez. The soft-spoken Dominguez, who walks fifteen miles a day, shows us the tunnel where he goes for sanctuary, with an old well where he takes refuge from the cold. It’s important, he explains, not to “submit to the tyranny that society inundates at you.” He’s got a show up right now on the Lower East Side (161 Essex, by appointment only), and the work genuinely looks pretty good. We hope it sells out. [Animal]
  • Gallerist has released its top 30 exhibitions of 2012. MoMA…MoMA…MoMA…meat pie! [Gallerist]
  • South Korea gets a female president before us. [AP]
  • Piers Morgan’s been losing it lately, and it’s wonderful. After this heated debate with Bill Nye against a global warming denialist a couple weeks ago, he goes ballistic on gun advocate Larry Pratt. [NYT]
  • The NRA couldn’t take the heat, and has deleted its Facebook page. Let’s hope forever. [Wired]
  • Yarnbombing ain’t over yet, as evidenced by theartblog’s best of Philly 2012. [theartblog]
  • Kodak will sell off its patents to companies involved with Apple and Google. [The Verge]
  • Twitter releases an archive feature that allows you to look back on your first tweets. [laughing squid]
  • The creator of vimeo and world’s most hardcore-looking tech geek Jake Lodwick has invented a program which will allow users to make interactive flash animations for web without having to write any code. The result? When you scroll up and down, the guy jumps on Fat Batman like a trampoline. You’re welcome. [The Verge]

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Naomi Sait December 24, 2012 at 4:43 pm

Female prez still doesn’t equal out egomaniacal ronery dictator in North Korea but hey, they still haven’t had a black president so who says the US is not progressive.

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