Call for Submissions: Write for AFC!

by The AFC Staff on January 25, 2013 · 1 comment Opportunities

Pinckney Marcius-Simons, 'The Writer', c. 1890, detail. Not an accurate representation of the state of arts blogging.

Can’t sleep at night for all the burning ideas you have about art? Time to write a few of those words down.

Art Fag City is now accepting pitches in two areas:

  • Art outside New York:  We live in New York, and it shows. We want to talk with more people, about more art, in more places, but we can’t do it alone. Have you found a conversation we aren’t having?  Can you tell us if Mexico City is actually cool now? We want to hear from you. Specifically, we’re looking for reviews, news, and interviews, but if you can craft a good pitch about anything else, we’ll listen. Please be specific: the mere fact that there are people making art you like in the town you live in, is not on its own, interesting enough to warrant a post about it.
  • Net art: We won’t make you define “net art” first. Do you often find yourself making grand pronouncements about the state of the internet? Want to turn your trend-spotting into discourse? We double-dog want to hear from you.

Submission is easy. Just send us:

  • No more than 250 words outlining your idea.
  • 3 writing samples.

AFC offers a small stipend to contributors. All emails should be sent to with the word PITCH in all caps, followed by the subject of your article.

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aguirre81 February 1, 2013 at 1:43 pm

I sent a proposal last time you had a call but never heard back – should I send another one? I live in Mexico.

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