Architects Plan to Complete the Guggenheim

by Whitney Kimball on January 31, 2013 · 1 comment Newswire

Screenshot from the Oiio Architecture Office

Thank the Oiio Architecture Office for kicking the Guggenheim up a notch, with its new design to stretch the original structure up thirteen more flights. Hyperallergic’s Kyle Chayka guessed yesterday that the plans are a joke on all of the recent museum expansions, like Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, the Whitney, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Philadelphia Museum– especially MoMA’s Jean Nouvel skyscraper, soon to rival the height of the Empire State Building.

The rendering depicts Frank Lloyd Wright’s original building as sort of a base paddy for the whole structure, bringing the museum to a towering outer cup and the inner atrium up to a point. In doing so, the architects write, they’d simply be “completing” it. Hilaaaarious! …Right guys? Joke?

Screenshot of Guggenheim expansion plans, via the Oiio Architecture Office

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Carolina A. Miranda January 31, 2013 at 8:03 pm

Like an over-sized veinte cappuccino. All it needs is a green mermaid.

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