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by Whitney Kimball on February 18, 2013 The L Magazine

Robert Otto Epstein, "Air," 2012. 31 x 21 in. (Photo courtesy of

President’s Day gets even better with a look at what the week has in store: a screening of emerging film, a panel related to the New Museum’s new exhibition, and openings all over. This week also led us to googling “The Golden Age of Porn.” Here’s an excerpt from the events at the L:

Thursday, February 21st

Openings are all over Chelsea. A few worth noting: Vera Iliatova at Monya Rowe Gallery, Miroslaw Balka at Gladstone Gallery, Dana Hoey, Dirk Skreber at Friedrich Petzel Gallery (consider yourself warned about Skreber with this review, but Hoey is solid), Gavin Turk “L’Amour Fou” at David Nolan Gallery, and for the masochists in the crowd, Jim Dine at Pace Gallery.

Saturday, February 23rd

Opening: Inside Voices, Parallel Art Space

I’m excited for what could be Parallel Art Space’s best show yet. The premise is simple—interiors—and while this may not sound particularly compelling, we’re interested in the shrewd transformations this show promises. Katie Bell, for instance, makes construction materials and housewares look weightless, sweeping up anything from drywall to washcloths. Also, check out Robert Otto Epstein’s knitting chart drawings. If nothing else, they’re just beautiful.
6 pm — 9 pm. 17-17 Troutman, Bushwick

For the full piece, click here.

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