KYUR8: Photo Zines Made Easy

by Paddy Johnson on February 28, 2013 Newswire

Wouldn’t it be good to bundle up all the photos you took on your trip to the Venice Biennale into something a little nicer than a photo album? Something like a zine? Yes, yes it would! I’d also like a service like Instagram that allows me shoot live events without spamming my followers with ten shots from the same place. And if someone could magically allow my friends to add to the zine, that’d be awesome too.

I just downloaded KYUR8, a zine app that allows me to do all of that. I’m pretty excited about it. Mostly, I like that the zine gives me a way to share the hundreds of pictures I take when traveling, but the other stuff’s great too. I’ll be sharing this thing on every social network I use because they’ve made that uber easy.

I’ve only been using the app for a day, but so far, my only complaints are that half our office is on Android and can’t use it, and the app doesn’t have a field for captions. I’m sure that decision was intentional—when I spoke to KYUR8’s Founder, David Carson about it a couple of weeks ago, he told me he wanted the app to make zines quickly. Mission accomplished. Still, like any good blogger, I’m usually unhappy without adding at least 1,000 words to any image. It’s a compulsion.

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