Art F City at The L Magazine: Bogus Journeys

by Paddy Johnson on June 19, 2013 The L Magazine

Richard Moss

This week at The L Magazine I forever debunk the idea that travel for the arts is at all glamorous.

If you work in the art world, your life probably looks pretty good from the outside. You spend a lot of time traveling around the world for art events, and a lot of your job is simply thinking about art and talking about it with celebrities and museum directors. Many of us like to puff up how exciting the life is—ArtInfo has an entire series dedicated to tracking the art world’s high times on Instagram, and ArtForum has a style-and-gossip column called Scene and Herd. Even if you don’t get paid that much, the experiences are priceless. But just how glamorous is all this travel, really? Not nearly as much as you might think.

Read the full piece here.

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