Matthew Barney Seeks Extras For New Film

by Corinna Kirsch on June 26, 2013 Opportunities

via Wall Street Journal

How to Apply

Opportunities never cease. Artist Matthew Barney is seeking volunteers ready to work a 12-hour day at the Brooklyn Navy Yards this Saturday for his latest film RIVER OF FUNDAMENT, a collaboration with composer Jonathan Bepler. We’re not exactly sure what you’ll be doing, but extras have been told they will “participate vocally, as well as to take part in some guided movement”. Sturdy boots come highly recommended because the “stairs will be steep and potentially slippery”. (What kind of vaseline is he using?)

Although there’s no monetary compensation for this position, all participants will be compensated with a box lunch, a limited-edition t-shirt, signed, and numbered. Prizes will be raffled off but there’s no word yet on what those will be. We’re hoping for a photograph in one of sweating frames.

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