Artist Gives Detroit Crisco, “To Ease the Pain”

by Clara Olshansky on July 31, 2013 Newswire

via Detroit News

Detroit artist Jerry Peterson, alias Jerry Vile, left a giant can of Crisco under the city’s giant iconic Joe Louis fist. Ha ha ha. By way of explanation, he left a note under the statue.

via Deadline Detroit

Straightforward enough, especially given Crisco’s popularity in ‘70s and ‘80s underground gay communities. Vile told the Detroit News, “It’s calling attention to the fact that (bankruptcy) is going to hurt.”

Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, the city has decided to take it down, saying: “After consulting with Detroit Institute of Arts officials, the City’s General Services Department removed the item left at the Joe Louis fist sculpture today as abandoned property. The department placed the item in storage and the artist may retrieve it if he wants.” Vile replied, “I should go pick it up. But it might be a trap.”

My favorite part? Everyone got the fisting joke except Fox’s Detroit affiliate, which posted the story to facebook with the question, “Can anyone explain what this means???” Granted, they followed up with, “Wow. Apparently, we’re a little naive.”

This Crisco can also posts to facebook, with such comments as “I like Joe Louis.” But cans don’t have fingers to type. Can anyone explain what this means???

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