Art F City at The L Magazine: Biennial Fail

by Paddy Johnson on July 31, 2013 The L Magazine

This week I take a look at the Denver Biennial of the Americas at the L Magazine. There’s room for improvement.

What does a biennale look like when it’s run by a group of businessmen and politicians? If Denver’s Biennial of the Americas (July 16-September 2) is any indication, like some awful, biennale-length franken-conference in the service of multinational corporations. Art, when it was given a place at all, was used primarily as a branding tool for the event; it’s not surprising then that it has little to offer art lovers or businesspeople. Even the Biennial’s expressed aims—idea exchange, and looking to booming economies in the north and south—weren’t achieved.

Read the full piece here.

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