Five Jobs: Assist Edition

by Ian Marshall on August 1, 2013 Five Jobs

"Don Quixote and Sancho Panza" by Honoré Daumier, 1864-1865. Courtesy of ARTstor

This week we bring you assistant positions, several of which are temporary. Each one offers an opportunity to meet a wide range of coworkers in its respective institution, so even if you aren’t around for long you’ll meet a ton of important, exciting people.

  • Assistant Social Media Producer for Station to Station

    Please address inquiries to Man Bartlett,

    Woo hoo! You get to work with Man Bartlett, the famed artist who once tweeted in Port Authority for 24 hours straight for a performance. You’ll also get a chance to work with some artist called Doug Aitken, who’s organized “Station to Station”. This is a traveling art project located along the path of a cross country train travelling from New York to San Francisco, but this position will stay in NYC. It starts this September.

  • Seasonal Visitor Assistant at the Guggenheim Museum

    How to Apply

    This one is pretty straightforward: sell tickets and audio tours to Guggenheim visitors. Hopefully you get the position while the James Turrell exhibit is still open–the ticket desk has a great view.

  • Special Events Coordinator at the Whitney Museum

    How to Apply

    It’s hard to believe, but there are actually people out there who like planning events. For those with that love, this job is for you. The Whitney is looking for someone with a BA and 1-2 years work experience to assist the Director of Special Events at their new location in the Meatpacking district. The job involves collaborating with almost every other department in the museum, working on logistics, budget, design, and production for special events. There’s also a Special Events Manager position, which has even more responsibilities.

  • Membership Assistant at The Art Director’s Club

    How to Apply

    Work directly with the Membership Coordinator: Maintain email correspondence, help with outreach, and provide event and administrative assistance. Sounds tedious, but this internship comes with a stipend!

  • Assistant Building Manager at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    How to Apply

    Asking for 3-5 years of facility or construction experience. The Assistant Building Manager will join an existing team responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the entire Met Museum Facility.

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