From Operas to Activism: Creative Capital Convenes

by Paddy Johnson on August 2, 2013 Reviews


Nick Hallett and Shana Moulton
Good news for those who saw Nick Hallett and Shana Moulton’s Whispering Pines 10 opera at The Kitchen or The New Museum—the two are coming out with a second iteration! This one will be based on the latter, which tracks the mental breakdown of the protagonist, Cynthia, but reshaped to fit the format of an Internet serial drama. Expect the same mildly disturbing alterations of familiar domestic, natural, and Internet spaces.

Jace Clayton
Last year I wrote about Jace Clayton’s Sufi plug-ins, one of which is a device called Devotion, which automatically lowers the computer’s volume five times a day for prayer. This year, Clayton will be producing Gbadu and the Moirai Index, a performance in which four singers will have their voices processed and transformed through financial data. Clayton promises that the portfolios will be character-appropriate, and I like that the music isn’t completely abstract. This kind of specificity is important, because as far back as 2000, critic Julian Stallabrass, had identified the stock market as “an attractive source for artists to draw on”.

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