Art Fag City at The L Magazine: Gramsci Monument Talks

by Paddy Johnson on August 15, 2013 The L Magazine


This week at The L Magazine I discuss Thomas Hirschhorn’s GRAMSCI MONUMENT. It’s a great piece and I think everyone should visit it. Relatedly, AFC’s Whitney Kimball spoke to people living in Forest Houses about the success of the project. We’ll be publishing that later in the day, so look forward to that.

To form an opinion about Thomas Hirschhorn’s GRAMSCI MONUMENT, you only have to hear about it. In my first significant conversation about the project, a curator friend lit up as she excitedly told me Hirschhorn would host a daily lecture by philosopher Marcus Steinweg for the residents of Forest Houses, a housing project in the Bronx. Whatever the rest of the work was about, I instantly had concerns. The value of imposing scholarship on a group that would likely have few means of interpreting it seemed limited at best. After all, wouldn’t such alienating lectures do more to discourage people from self-education than encourage it?

To read the full piece click here.

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