This Way to LIC! Dorsky Gallery Opens “Artists’ Walks” this Weekend

by Hannah Garner on September 5, 2013 Events

Samuel Rowlett, Still From "Landscape Painting in the Expanded Field," 2012

When Richard Long said  “a work of art can be a journey,” he meant it literally. In 1967 Long formed a line by walking back and forth along a stretch of grass. Toronto-based curator Earl Miller calls it the first artist’s walk, the subject of his exhibit at Dorsky Gallery in Long Island City. “Artists’ Walks: The Persistence of Peripateticism,” which opens on Sunday, exhibits the rejection of studio-based practice via the (recorded) wanderings of artists.

A participatory performance by Gwen MacGregor and Sandra Rechico (also Torontonians) will activate the form this weekend. To participate in their piece “Map It Out (New York),” head over to the Socrates Sculpture Park (Friday 5pm-8pm), the Noguchi Museum (Saturday 10am-1pm), or the Dorsky Gallery (Sunday 2pm-5pm), where the artists will invite visitors to map the travels they’ve made that day. The assembled drawings (a psychogeographic portrait of New Yorkers?) will go on view alongside works by Richard Long, Marina Abromovic, and Hamish Fulton at the Dorsky opening on Sunday.

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