Portrait of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Sparks Controversy

by Paddy Johnson on September 20, 2013 Best Link Ever!

A portrait of Rob Ford

This goofy portrait of Toronto’s alleged crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford makes me very happy. What a ray of light this mayor has been for the city!

The Toronto Star has the reportage and the story’s full of delicious details;  Ford, who is no friend of the arts, somehow found a political ally who is an artist, (painter and councillor Gary Crawford made the painting for Ford’s mother, Diane), during the ceremony, Ford was so moved, he spoke softly; after the ceremony, Ford was  accosted by press, who wanted to know about the investigation on the behavior of a senior aide, and by Councillor Janet Davis, who thought the unveiling was a waste of time should not have held it at at all.

Davis makes a good point—the painting will not be made available to the public as it will hang inside Mrs Ford’s house in Etobicoke—but perhaps that downplays the most important aspect of the unveiling. Diane Ford adores the painting of her son.

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